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Land parcel №558-559

Land parcel №558-559

0 m2


30 acres

A perfectly flat land parcel of 0,3 hectares right at the center of Home Resort (Nova Berezivka) community.

The lot comprises of 2 parcels of 0,15-hecrates.

Both plots are rectangular. The property is perfectly suited for a large estate, or for friends willing to live


Centrally managed utilities - gas, water, sewerage, and electricity. All utilities are underneath the

ground, so nothing will distract you from the beautiful scenery!

The community’s total land area is 140 hectares. We offer round-the-clock security and a private house

maintenance office.

Our customers enjoy access to a private lake cascade, forest, park, restaurant, SPA, kindergarten,

primary school, turf club, crystal clean air, plenty of sunshine and space!

Other land parcels ranging from 0,15 to 1,06 hectares, including ones with a panoramic view of the lakes

and forest, are available as well.

The price of land in our community has risen by 50% within the last year, and will continue growing, so

don’t hesitate to visit us! Unforgettable experience and delicious coffee guaranteed!

Land parcel №558-559 Land parcel №558-559 Land parcel №558-559
Land parcel №558-559
Land parcel №558-559
Land parcel №558-559
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