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A High Tech-styled house №483

310 m2


22,46 acres

A modern, two-storey house, with total floor area of 310 sq. m. Price: $365 000

VILLA FAMILIA is being built on a wonderful land plot – the views that open up from it are truly priceless.

Price: $365 000

Total floor space of the house - 310,3 sq. m, terrace - 49,53 sq. m.

Land plot area – 2246 sq. m.

Four bedrooms, a cabinet, a workshop, 3 bathrooms, a wardrobe, a wash-kitchen/boiler room, kitchen-diner, and a hall. First floor ceilings reach 3,3 m height, second floor’s – 3,0 meters.

Centrally managed sewerage and water supply, external drain system, electricity, Internet access.

Monolithic band-type foundation.

External walls – 380 mm thick ceramic heat block from Kerameya, internal walls and partitions – ceramic brick M100 (Vinnytsia).

Monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings.

Hatch for roof access is powered by an automatic drive.

Reinforced plastic windows REHAU ЕURO/ECOSOL DESIGN-70, furniture: МАСО MULTI-MATIC (Austria); dual-chamber, energy saving glass units: 4-14arg-4-14arg-4i. Interior color: white, exterior - RENOLIT SE coating.

Flat membrane-type roof with 200 mm-thick styrodur winterization and heated internal drainage. Protective caps for the chimneys, parapet covers made out of 0.45 mm metal (Slovakia), matching the façade color.

Paroc 100 mm glass wool is used for façade winterization. Façade finishing done with mineral facing plaster from Cersanit and wide-format tile, designed to resemble travertine.

Terrace – monolithic, with Litokol hydro isolation. Porcelain tile cladding. Pedestals for flowers and trees.

Concrete pavement with decorative tiles from Kovalska.

The price of real estate at HOME RESORT has risen by 50% within the last year, and will continue growing in the upcoming years, so don’t hesitate to visit us! Unforgettable experience and delicious coffee guaranteed!

1-year, interest-free instalment payments available.

A High Tech-styled house №483 A High Tech-styled house №483 A High Tech-styled house №483
A High Tech-styled house №483
A High Tech-styled house №483
A High Tech-styled house №483
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365 000$

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